At SEASICK SWIM, we believe that sustainability extends beyond the choice of materials; it encompasses every aspect of our production process, including the colors and dyes we use in our swimwear and surf apparel. Our commitment to the environment and the well-being of our customers is reflected in our stringent selection of non-toxic, eco-friendly colors and dyes, ensuring that our products are safe.

Non-Toxic Dyes and Colors

In the production of our swimwear and surf apparel, we prioritize the use of colors and dyes that meet the rigorous standards set by REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals). This EU regulation is designed to protect human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals, ensuring that:

  • All colors and dyes used are non-toxic and safe for both the wearer and the environment.
  • Our production process adheres to high safety and environmental standards, minimizing our ecological footprint.

For the vibrant and detailed prints that adorn our surf apparel, we employ screen printing – a technique that allows for precision and durability in designs. Here’s why screen printing stands out:

Water-Based Colors: We use only water-based colors for screen printing, which are less harmful than their solvent-based counterparts. These colors are confirmed by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), ensuring they meet strict environmental and toxicological criteria.

Eco-Friendly Process:
Screen printing with water-based inks results in prints that are not only durable and vivid but also more environmentally friendly, as they emit fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and require less water for cleanup.

Versatility and Quality:
This method allows for high-quality prints on various fabrics, ensuring that the designs on our surf apparel are both beautiful and resilient.

This meticulous approach to choosing safe and sustainable colors, dyes, and printing methods underscores our dedication to offering products that not only look good but also contribute positively to the health of our planet and our customers. By choosing SEASICK SWIM, you're embracing a brand that cares deeply about environmental integrity, product safety, and aesthetic excellence. Our commitment to using REACH-confirmed, non-toxic dyes, and GOTS-confirmed water-based colors for screen printing is a testament to our dedication to sustainability, quality, and the well-being of our community.