SEAQUAL® YARN is a high-quality polyester made from post-consumer waste, including 10% Upcycled Marine Plastic collected from the coasts and marine environments of Spain, France, and West Africa. The remaining 90% is derived from post-consumer plastic waste from the mainland. This unique composition ensures that our swimwear is not only eco-friendly and fully recycled but also contributes to cleaning our oceans.

Material Features:

  • Very comfortable and soft
  • UV protection 50+
  • Double fabric layer
  • Breathable
  • Extra fast drying
  • Ultra light material
  • Resistant to shrinking and stretching
  • No tearing of spandex threads
  • Chlorine and salt water resistant

Yarn and material certified according to:


Made in Spain


Choosing SEAQUAL® YARN means significantly reducing our ecological footprint. Compared to conventional polyester, the production of SEAQUAL® YARN requires:

  • 40% less energy
  • 37% fewer CO2 emissions
  • 34% less water

  • Makes us independent of crude oil and natural gas for material procurement

  • Comparing the production of nylon to polyester: nylon production requires much more water (≈ x 7) and energy (≈ x 1,5) and emits much more CO2 (≈ x4)

These figures represent our swimwear's tangible contribution to environmental preservation and resource conservation.


Durability Meets Sustainability: SEAQUAL® YARN stands at the intersection of durability and sustainability. It’s engineered to withstand the elements, whether it's the harshness of salt water or the intensity of the sun. With UV protection 50+, resistance to chlorine and salt water, and a promise of no spandex thread tearing, SEAQUAL® YARN ensures that our swimwear is not only long-lasting but also kind to the planet.

A Circular Journey:
Our choice of SEAQUAL® YARN aligns with our vision of a circular economy. The mono-composition of the material means it can be continuously recycled, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. By integrating SEAQUAL® YARN into our products, we ensure that our swimwear lives on, from one form to another, without ever becoming waste.

Supporting a Global Community:
By using SEAQUAL® YARN, we join the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, a global community fighting against marine plastic pollution. Each kilogram of SEAQUAL® YARN used in our swimwear translates to cleaning up between 600 grams and 1 kilogram of marine litter. This partnership highlights our commitment to not just recycling, but actively participating in cleaning our oceans.